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Investment solutions

Quadrus investment representatives have access to a broad range of investment solutions – a selection designed to meet the individual needs of Canadian clients, from new to sophisticated investors.

Each investment manager we agree to make available undergoes a due diligence process, which further helps investment representatives with their own due diligence in selecting the investments most suited to the client and his or her unique needs and situation.

Scores of firms

Quadrus offers access to some of the largest and most prominent Canadian investment firms, such as:

  • Mackenzie Financial Corporation
  • Fidelity Investments Canada ULC
  • CI Investments Inc.
  • Invesco Canada Ltd.
  • TD Asset Management Inc.
  • Dynamic Mutual Funds Ltd.
  • AGF Investment Inc.
  • Franklin Templeton Investment Corp.
  • RBC Funds Inc.
  • Manulife Asset Management Ltd. (MAML)
  • MFC
  • FID
  • CIG
  • AIM
  • TDB
  • DYN
  • AGF
  • TML
  • RBF
  • MMF