Privacy policy

This privacy policy covers the treatment of personally identifiable information collected by Quadrus Investment Services Ltd.  servers during your visits to Quadrus websites. This Privacy Policy is subject to change without notice to you, so we recommend that you review it regularly. By using this site you acknowledge that you have read and understand this Privacy Policy as amended from time to time.

Privacy and confidentiality

Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. is committed to respecting the privacy and confidentiality of information it receives, in accordance with Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. Privacy Guidelines, and applicable law. Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. has established and will continue to maintain reasonable safeguards to protect the security and confidentiality of personal information. However, you acknowledge and confirm that the Internet is not a secure medium where privacy and confidentiality can be guaranteed and that complete security and confidentiality of transmissions to and from this site over the Internet is not possible at this time. Your confidential use of this site cannot be guaranteed and you acknowledge that your use of this site (including information you transmit to the site) may be subject to access or manipulation by, or disclosure to, third parties. Without limiting any other disclaimer herein, Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. and its affiliates shall not be responsible or liable for any damages that you or any other person may suffer in connection with any such breach of privacy, confidentiality or security.

Your personal information

Certain Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. websites may require you to provide personal information to Quadrus Investment Services Ltd., such as sites that require you to register in order to access the site. Such personal information (for example, your name, birthday, postal code, and e-mail address if applicable) is used to help provide you with a secure, private and convenient experience on the site.

For sites requiring you to register:

  • Identity verification: This information is used to confirm your identity when registering for access to certain Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. websites. This information is matched against our existing records to enable you to register.
  • Communication with Quadrus Investment Services Ltd.: If you send Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. an e-mail through our "Contact Us" feature, the e-mail address you provide at registration will be used to contact you with our reply. If your e-mail address changes, you can always change the e-mail address we have on record on either the "Contact Us" page, or in the "Your Profile" section of the site.
  • Forgotten user name or password: If you forget either your user name or password, it is simple to recover them online by going through our Forgotten User Name or Password services, available from the Sign In page. To confirm your identity before displaying either of these items, we match what you enter against the information collected during the registration process.

Remember that the security of e-mail communication cannot be guaranteed. Do not send private or confidential information to Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. via e-mail (e.g., your Social Insurance Number, birthday). Also, Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. will never send you an e-mail message requesting personal information. Any such request is a fraudulent attempt to gain your valuable personal information (a technique known as "phishing").

What your information will not be used for:

  • Marketing from Quadrus Investment Services Ltd.: You will not receive any marketing or advertisements from Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. at the e-mail address you provide without your consent.
  • Marketing from third parties: We will never sell your information to any third parties, or share it with any other organization for marketing purposes.

Email security

The security of email communication cannot be guaranteed. Any person wishing to communicate or send information of a private or confidential nature to Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. or a third party is encouraged to do so by other means.


"Cookies" are small items of data that websites store in your browser. These data files contain information the site can use to track and organize the pages you have visited, and to gather information. Some of our web-based applications use "cookie" technology to measure site activity and tailor information to fit your personal interests. Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. uses both "session" and “permanent” cookies, both of which help us deliver a superior website experience that is designed to be fast, secure and personalized. You may decline cookies by configuring your web browser accordingly, but this may lead to reduced site functionality.

Traffic analysis

Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. collects some limited information about your connection to the Internet. This information includes your computer's IP address, which is your numerical address on the Internet that lets our servers know where to send the web pages you view. This information is collected to help measure traffic to our site and the performance of our servers, and to help diagnose and address problems when they arise.

Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. may, from time to time, employ Google and/or Flurry Analytics, web analytic services provided by Google Inc. and Yahoo Inc. respectively, to help measure traffic patterns to, from, and within our public websites. This analytics measurement tool uses "session" and "persistent" cookies to collect standard Internet log information and to track visitor behaviour information in an anonymous form. The information generated by the cookies about your use of the website (including the first nine digits of your IP address) is transmitted to Google and/or Yahoo, as the case may be. No personal, identifying information is recorded or provided to Google or Yahoo. This anonymous information is then used to evaluate visitors' use of our website and to compile statistical reports.

For further information about Google or Flurry Analytics, please refer to Google Inc.’s Privacy PolicyOpens a new website in a new window or Yahoo Inc.’s Privacy PolicyOpens a new website in a new window, respectively.

Privacy guidelines

These privacy guidelines describe our commitment to privacy, and explain the principles that guide us in protecting the privacy and confidentiality of personal information.

Personal information is information about an identifiable individual. It includes, but is not limited to, health and financial information.

Quadrus Investment Services Ltd., its directors, officers and employees, and its licensed representatives and other persons and organizations who act for, or on behalf of Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. are required to comply with these Privacy Guidelines.

Access to personal information is restricted to directors, officers, employees, licensed representatives, and other persons or organizations acting for, or on behalf of the Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. who need the information in order to provide services to the client or Quadrus Investment Services Ltd.

Our privacy principles


Quadrus Investment Services Ltd.  is responsible for personal information in its control, including information that may be transferred to a service provider performing services for, or on behalf of Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. . Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. has established these Privacy Guidelines, and procedures and practices, to safeguard such personal information.


Quadrus Investment Services Ltd.  identifies the purposes for which it collects personal information either before or at the time of collection.


Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. collects, uses and discloses personal information only with the consent of the individual, or as otherwise allowed by law.

Consent to the collection, use, or disclosure of personal information may be express or implied, as appropriate. Individuals may withdraw their consent at any time, subject to legal or contractual restrictions and considerations.


Quadrus Investment Services Ltd.  only collects personal information that is necessary for the purposes identified. Personal information is collected directly from the individual, and may, with consent or as otherwise allowed by law, be collected from other sources.

Use, disclosure and retention

Personal information is not, without consent, used or disclosed to a third party for any purpose other than that for which it was collected, unless such use or disclosure is required or allowed by law. This may include use or disclosure in order to protect Quadrus Investment Services Ltd.'s interests in civil proceedings and in proceedings involving criminal activity, fraud or misrepresentation.

Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. retains personal information only as long as necessary to fulfill the identified purpose or as otherwise required or allowed by law.


Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. uses reasonable efforts to ensure that personal information is accurate and complete for the purposes for which it is to be used.


Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. protects the security and confidentiality of personal information with safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the information.


Quadrus Investment Services Ltd.’s Privacy Guidelines are available to clients and the public. Upon written request addressed to the Chief Compliance Officer/Privacy Officer, we will provide a copy of these Guidelines, and respond to inquiries about our practices relating to personal information.

Individual access

An individual may request to be informed of the existence, use and disclosure of personal information pertaining to him or her. Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. will provide appropriate access to such information that it holds. If Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. determines not to provide access to personal information, we will provide an explanation. Individuals may request the correction of personal information Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. holds about them, and if we find that what we have is incorrect, we will correct it.

Concerns, inquiries or requests

Any concern, inquiry or request related to privacy should be made in writing to:

Chief Compliance Officer /Privacy Officer
Quadrus Investment Services Ltd.
255 Dufferin Ave., T-370
London, ON N6A 4K1

Protecting your privacy outside Canada

Service providers inside and outside of Canada

Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. is a Canadian company and most of our business activities take place within Canada. However, in order to deliver a high level of cost-effective service to our customers, in certain circumstances we do engage service providers to assist us. Some service providers may be based outside of Canada, or use systems, data support or have employees outside of Canada.

We take great care in the selection of all service providers because of our commitment to a consistent high level of service and quality.

Service providers include, but are not limited to:

  • Paramedical examiners
  • Medical laboratories
  • The Medical Information Bureau
  • Specialty coverage providers for expatriates
  • Local independent medical examiners
  • Travel assistance providers

The transfer of information in and out of Canada

In the normal course of business, personal information about you may be collected from outside of Canada, or communicated outside of Canada, so that we or our authorized service providers can:

  • Administer your application.
  • Administer your financial product or the benefits or claims under your insurance or other benefits coverage.
  • Provide you with services related to the products you have with us.

For example, we may collect or communicate personal information outside of Canada:

  • When you are located outside of Canada and we communicate with a service provider at your location.
  • When you apply for coverage that is medically underwritten, and to assist in underwriting, we need to send your blood sample to a lab in the United States that specializes in these services.
  • When you submit a claim incurred while outside of Canada and we contact the healthcare provider to obtain more details about your claim.

The collection and communication of personal information may need to occur in any country outside of Canada, depending on the situation.

The protection of personal information by service providers

We require that our service providers protect your personal information appropriately in a manner consistent with our Privacy Guidelines and in accordance with law in their jurisdiction. We require that service providers collect, use or disclose your personal information only for purposes that we have authorized.

Personal information is subject to disclosure to law enforcement and other authorities where required by law, both inside and outside of Canada.

Inquiries or requests

Any concern, inquiry or request related to the collection and communication of personal information outside of Canada should be made in writing. For more information, contact us.