Your needs and goals change over time — a solid financial plan built with professional advice can help. Mutual funds can be an important part of that financial plan.

Discover how, through our investment representatives, mutual funds can help you save money for a big event, grow wealth for the future, and donate to the people and causes you care about — all with professional advice unique to your situation.

Save money

Competing financial priorities can make it difficult to save for your retirement, a child’s post-secondary education or a wedding, let alone a rainy day.

 Your Quadrus investment representative can help:

  • Plan for life events, along with your changing needs
  • Provide options that will help you build your savings faster
  • Ensure your mix of investments matches your investment profile and comfort with changes in the markets
  • Offer clear,  transparent reporting that helps you stay on track

Grow wealth

Your Quadrus investment representative can:

  • Provide advice based on your unique situation and how you can meet your goals more quickly
  • Explore investment options that provide tax benefits
  • Keep investments aligned with your risk tolerance and goals

Donate to charity

Pass your wealth on to family or charity with something that gives back and goes beyond writing a cheque.

 Your Quadrus investment representative can:

  • Help make charitable giving part of your financial plan
  • Offer the experience of charitable giving through a less-costly, donor-advised fund
  • Provide a way to include family members in philanthropic activities