Investment choices

Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. offers broad, competitive investment choices for families, individuals and corporations. 

We’re the exclusive dealer for Canada Life Mutual Funds, a unique combination of mutual funds with a history dating back to 1970, plus Canada Life Pathways funds. Both fund families are managed by Canada Life Investment Management Ltd. or Mackenzie Financial Corporation.

We also offer a range of investment funds from some of Canada’s largest and most prominent investment firms including:

  • Mackenzie Financial Corporation
  • Fidelity Investments Canada ULC
  • CI Investments Inc.
  • TD Asset Management Inc.
  • Dynamic Mutual Funds Ltd.
  • Manulife Asset Management Limited (MAML)
  • RBC Funds Inc.
  • Invesco Canada Ltd.
  • Value Partners Investments Inc.
  • BMO Investments Inc.

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High-yield savings account

For investors looking for flexibility, the high-yield savings account is an option available for tax-free savings accounts (TFSAs).

This account offers a higher interest rate, protection for your money, no minimum deposit and no account fees.

The current interest rate as of November 30, 2022 is 3.25%. 

The Quadrus TFSA high-yield savings account is offered by B2B Bank who guarantees and is solely responsible for its repayment. The interest earned will be based on posted rates which may change without notice.

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