Investment choices

Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. offers broad, competitive investment choices for families, individuals and corporations. We’re the exclusive dealer for Quadrus Group of Funds, a unique combination of mutual funds with a history dating back to 1970. This fund family is managed by Mackenzie Financial Corporation, one of Canada’s leading mutual fund managers. 

We also offer a range of investment funds from some of Canada’s largest and most prominent investment firms including:

  • Mackenzie Financial Corporation (MFC)
  • Fidelity Investments Canada ULC (FID)
  • CI Investments Inc. (CIG)
  • Invesco Canada Ltd. (AIM)
  • TD Asset Management Inc. (TDB)
  • Dynamic Mutual Funds Ltd. (DYN)
  • Franklin Templeton Investments Corp. (TML)
  • RBC Global Asset Management Inc. (RBF)
  • Manulife Asset Management Limited (MMF)
  • Sentry Investments Inc. (NCE)
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